Outside's Best Travel Photography: July 2014

Photo: Jeff Johnson
In the fall of 2007, photographer Jeff Johnson's life-changing journey—which would eventually become the film and book 180 Degrees South—began on El Capitan's North American Wall.
Photo: Mark Clinton
Turns out clear skies and stunning camp spots are just a short drive from Australia's biggest city.
Photo: Darrell Staggs
Not every great picture is obvious. Darrell Staggs proved that point after he noticed this perfect reflection while exploring the Glen Canyon area.
Photo: Tim Davis
Bailey may or may not be the best surf scout in Hawaii, but he sure was a classic subject for photographer Tim Davis.
Photo: Shane Black
Shane Black isn't afraid of hauling heavy gear or spending long nights spent in search of the perfect time lapse. Probably because he often comes back with something like this.
Photo: Fred Pomermayer
On a June day in 2012, Cloudbreak was simply amazing.
Photo: Corey Arnold
Apart from the rare tour bus or pair of cyclists, photographer Corey Arnold said the land was silent, the animals going about their business as if the road was an extension of nature.
Photo: Emily Polar
Emily Polar couldn't pass up the opportunity to both photograph and then partake in a summer jump into the Colorado River.
Photo: Forest Woodward
Justin Ridgely and photographer Forest Woodward get in a morning warmup while dodging some incoming waves on the shores of Oahu.
Photo: Emily Polar
After hours of brutal 4x4 roads, photographer Emily Polar was rewarded with a smooth and spectacular flight through the Himalayas.
Photo: Morgan Maassen
When Morgan Maassen was asked to photograph a month-long journey through Fiji, he said yes—and ended up spending days under water exploring new ecosystems, taking in everything from massive brain corals to sea snakes.
Photo: Garrett Grove
Every August, Whistler is overrun with some of the world's best cyclists and photographers for the Crankworx biking festival. Photographer Garrett Grove grabbed this sunset shot while scouting in 2013.