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    Best Travel Shoes

    Lightweight, packable kicks for your next journey.

    —Sam Moulton

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    OluKai Pahono

    We like the Pahono’s ($120) slightly grown-up but still laid-back style, the springy midsole, and the fold-down heel that lets you slide into it when you’re in a hurry. Bonus points for the surfboard-inspired stripe that runs the length of the outsole.

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    Blundstone Canvas

    Blundstone’s classic leather slip-on boot ($120) 
has been the unofficial staff shoe here at Outside headquarters for years. Just as we love how rugged and weatherproof the originals are, we instantly appreciated the lightness and breathability of the new canvas version; they quickly became our new favorite summer kicks.

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    SeaVee 09/66 Huarache

    You’ll either love or hate the old-man steeze of this traditional Mexican-sandal-like shoe ($158). But you can’t argue with the comfort: the open weave of the upper is airy, while the suede-lined collar and heel cup feel like the secure embrace of your beloved Aunt Edna.

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    Reef Deckhand 2 Premium

    On the off chance that your old skateboard sneakers and your buddy’s boat shoes sired a love child, it’d probably resemble the Deckhand ($58). It might appear as laid-back as the OluKai, but a narrower last and elastic straps inside the tongue make for a snugger, more supportive fit.

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    Sanuk Monarch Mid

    If your favorite slippers woke up one day and said, “I’d like to see the world, too, ya know,” they might leave the house looking like the lightweight, springy Monarch ($70). The asymmetrical seersucker pattern adds just the right amount of Rhode Island. Nice: the floppy cotton-twill upper folds down flat, making the Monarch extremely packable.

  • Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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    Otz 300GMS Linen

    The linen look is cool, but it’s the inside that won us over ($80). The Birkenstock-like cork and latex footbed molds to your foot over time, while cork’s natural antimicrobial properties mean you can go sockless and not worry (as much) about foot funk. Not secure enough in your manhood to wear clogs? The same footbeds are available in lots of other styles.