• Tool of Choice?

    Brought to the northernmost city in the United States by her husband's work, Stanche Sweatman has spent the past year in Barrow, Alaska. There, Stanche, originally from the Republic of Macedonia, witnessed her first polar bear in the wild, experienced the Northern Lights, got a taste of Eskimo culture, and even braved minus-40-degree temperatures just to snap a photo. iPhone in hand, Stanche has done her best to capture this awesomely Arctic year, which is featured now on the Instagram blog.

    @swdavest: All of the images in my gallery are shot with either an iPhone 5 or 5s. Usually my iPhone gets cold and dies way before I'm ready to quit taking pictures, so I always end up warming it up and restarting several times when I'm out shooting. Who would ever think that a girl like me from the Mediterranean climate would last longer in the cold than an iPhone?
  • Favorite Shot?

    I love this shot because the concept of being able to shoot a sunset at midnight was unique and memorable. Last year, my husband and I went through a period of 64 continuous days without a sunrise.
  • What's Your Filter?

    I don't use filters very often but when I do it's usually Inkwell. I've found that this usually works the best with the composition of my pictures. Black and white can often add a lot of depth to snowy landscapes.
  • Pro Tip?

    Take a lot of pictures from different angles. A small difference in the angle from which the photograph is taken can make a huge differences in the final product.
  • Story behind your biggest hit?

    This picture was taken during polar night in the Arctic. One day after an extended period of high winds, it was unusually calm and cold, so we decided to go exploring out in the tundra. There was a stark landscape with wind carved drifts. The surroundings in the twilight created a surreal atmosphere.
  • iPhone or DSLR?

    I always have my iPhone with me, so by default it's usually my iPhone. Taking pictures is fun for me. I'm always excited when I know I've taken a good picture, and I like to share that immediately.
  • Favorite Follow?

    My favorite Instagrammer is this awesome lady @missyjena. She is my inspiration. I love the depth and simplicity of her shots.
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