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  • Photo: gorillaimages via Shutterstock

    Get Your Skis Slope-Ready

    My skis have been sitting in the closet for about a year. How can I get them ready for the slopes?

    » Learn How to Get Your Skis Slope-Ready

  • Photo: Alaskan Dude via Flickr

    Ski in Costume

    Because nothing takes the edge off like making a fool of yourself.

    » Learn How to Ski in Costume

  • Photo: prochasson frederic via Shutters

    Prevent Skiing Injuries

    What kind of damage do bumps do to your body? What can I do to strengthen beforehand and counteract the aftereffects?

    » Learn How to Prevent Skiing Injuries

  • Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Become a Better Skier in 5 Days

    The hard part was getting the week off. Now make the most of your time on the slopes by following our expert advice.

    » Learn How to Become a Better Skier in 5 Days

  • Photo: Kletr via Shutterstock

    Teach Your Kids to Ski

    Getting kids up on sticks can be a dodgy proposition. Should you use a harness or a Hula hoop? Bribe with hot chocolate or pull the ripcord when the whining begins? Attach the tips or just let ‘em rip?

    » Learn How to Teach Your Kids to Ski

  • Photo: Florin Stana via Shutterstock

    Make a Ski Sling

    Here's a cheap, easy way to carry your skis without killing your shoulders or thwacking your buddy.

    » Learn How to Make a Ski Sling

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    Stroll Away from a Fall

    Riding the ragged edge of your skill level is key if you want to break through in any sport, so brutal endoes, yard sales, and whippers are de rigueur.

    » Learn How to Stroll Away from a Fall

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    Plan the Cheapest Ski Trip

    If you’re like me, a tiny piece of you dies whenever a friend gets a cheaper deal than you on a ski vacation. With a little research and planning, though, you can prevent this situation from ever happening again.

    » Learn How to Plan the Cheapest Ski Trip

  • Photo: Rob Zabrowski/Shutterstock

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    Become a Ski Patroller

    It’s easy enough to sign up for ski-patrol training and qualifying courses—provided you live near a resort mountain. The hard part: actually passing the test and earning the privilege of wearing one of those cool red jackets.

    » Learn How to Become a Ski Patroller