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  • Photo: m.prinke via Flickr


    Snowshoeing is more challenging than a standard hike. Your feet are weighed down by snowshoes and you have to pick them up out of heavy snow, which requires a great deal of leg strength.

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  • Photo: Matteo Festi via Shutterstock

    Learn to Snowkite

    “Snowkiting is easy to learn, and all you need is an open area with some wind and snow,” says pro snowkiter Jon McCabe, who recommends two different ways to learn the sport.

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  • Photo: Marianna Kalashnyk via Shutterstock

    Protect Your Skin

    Athletes repeatedly train, play, and perform outside—often during the sunniest hours of the day, year round—so it’s not surprising that they’re at an increased risk of skin cancer.

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  • Photo: Valerio D'Ambrogi via Shutterstock

    Keep Your Face Warm

    One unfortunate aspect of exercising in cold (ok, freezing in your case) climates is that at some low point, usually around five degrees, all vanity goes out the window and you're forced to wear headgear that makes you look like a bank robber.

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  • Photo: Sascha Corti

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    Mix Up Your Winter Routine

    You can only go on so many ski trips before you start to yearn for something more. Here's a few new things you might like to try this winter.

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