• Photo: Michael Muller

    In the past year, a bold group of risk takers rattled the outdoor world by turning up the heat on dopers, reinventing the solar industry, and making the most powerful documentary film we've seen in a decade. These individuals have already made bold strides in 2013 and we can't wait to see what they're going to do next.
  • Photo: Michael Muller

    Rising Star

    Alex Honnold, the biggest name in climbing, is planning to make his bid for international stardom by scaling a skyscraper on live television.

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  • Photo: Jake Stangel

    Light Drinker

    Sports drinks have long been an unchallenged institution in athletics, but that's all about to change. Stanford physiologist Stacy Sims is leading the charge against sports drinks that she believes may be doing more harm than good.

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  • Photo: Antoine Doyen

    Suspicious Mind

    Journalist and former trainer Antoine Vayer believes he may have found a way to make doping a thing of the past. Is he crazy or has he actually cracked the code?

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  • Photo: Jake Stangel

    Sun Spotter

    The technology to run a clean planet exists, but getting it to people has been the greatest hurdle. Billy Parish, cofounder of Solar Mosaic, is hoping to change all that.

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  • Photo: Hiking Finland


    In 2010, Demetri and Kim Coupounas found a way to turn the recession into a goldmine when they started selling their gear wholesale straight to the consumer and changed the gear industry in the process.

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  • Photo: Chloe Crespi


    Activist and author Sandra Steingraber has succeeded in keeping the process of hydraulic fracking out of her home state of New York. Now she's looking to take the fight to another level.

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  • Photo: Jeff Lipsky

    Brain Booster

    With her lastest masterpiece, The Crash Reel, director Lucy Walker is looking to change the way we think about extreme outdoor sports and the risks we're asking athletes to face for our own entertainment.

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  • Photo: Courtesy of Devin Graham

    Traffic Director

    Devin Graham has created a Youtube empire based on uplifting adventure sports spectacles. With his video channel garnering more traffic than some TV networks, what does this mean for the future of adventure film?

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