Parting Shot: 2013

Big White Ski Resort, British Columbia (Michael Hanson)
big white ski resort ice climb

Big White Ski Resort, British Columbia


Haines Pass, Yukon

backcountry camping dog sledding kennels ski jouring star trails whitehorse whites pass yukon
(Ryan Creary)


Dolomites, Itally

(Woods Wheatcroft)

September, 2013

Castle Valley, Utah

climbing cliff castle valley utah parachute climbing free
(Christine Baily)

August, 2013

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.

(Steven Kazlowski)

July, 2013

Union Glacier, Antarctica.

(Eric Larsen)

June 2013

Prince George, British Columbia

Scott chromag coastal crew copyright Nicolas Teichrob 2011 inside out film kyle norbraten oakley prince george rock shox second base sombrio sram train gap
*Professional on a closed course. Do not attempt.* Prince George, British Columbia (Nicholas Teichrob)

May 2013

Photographed from a helicopter employed to expedite the movement of reindeer from a grazing area toward a corral. Members of a Sami community use a helicopter and snowmobiles to quickly herd their reindeer from a fenced grazing area towards a corral. This large reindeer herd is to be divided into smaller, family-owned groups. Families can identify their reindeer by the unique pattern of cuts on the reindeers ears. Some reindeer are slaughtered for personal consumption, while most are sold to slaughterhouses for about 10 Euros/kilogram.

(Timothy FadekCREDIT: Timothy Fa)

April 2013

Innsbruck, Austria.

(Matthias Schrader)

March 2013

Atacama Desert, Chile.

(Philippe Desmazes)

February 2013

Samana, Dominican Republic.

(Steve Ogle)

January 2013

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

(Bernie Baker)

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