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The Best Yosemite National Park Photos: @trevlee

The Magic of Yosemite

Six months ago, Trevor Lee (@trevlee) road-tripped from Ohio to Yosemite Valley and never left. He now lives and works in the area, spending all of his free time exploring and sharing his adventures via Instagram. Says Lee: "I've come to learn the beauty isn't meant to be seen, it's meant to be experienced. But with that being said, I try my hardest to capture it for others to view and enjoy."

@trevlee: This is one of my favorites. This was taken early in the morning in Yosemite Valley. Yosemite's beauty is hard to describe, it's quiet, peaceful, yet overwhelmingly grand and powerful. And for me, this image captures that.

(@trevlee on Instagram )

Tool of Choice?

I use an iPhone 4s, and I occasionally use an Olloclip Lens. My feed is a mixture of iPhone photos and shots taken with my SLR.

(@trevlee on Instagram )

Favorite filter?

Rise is by far my favorite and most used filter. It lowers the contrast and adds some warmth to the photo.

(@trevlee on Instagram )

Pro Tip?

Don't over edit, keep your photos as natural as possible. Also, to give your photos more meaning always add a caption, give insight of the meaning behind the photo, explain; what, where, and why. This will make it easier for your viewers to connect with you and your story. And last of all, get adventurous, go explore, and photograph the beauty you find along the way!

(@trevlee on Instagram )

Story behind your biggest hit?

My most liked photo on Instagram is me floating on a raft in the Merced River with a great view of Half Dome. It was taken with my iPhone 4s.

(@trevlee on Instagram )

iPhone or DSLR?

I pretty much have my iPhone and SLR on me at all times and when it comes to deciding which one I'll use it just depends on the situation. I use my SLR for composed, planned out photos, and my iPhone photos are usually spur of the moment. An iPhone is very compact and less intrusive than a large SLR so I'll use whenever is best to capture the moment. IN THIS PHOTO: Camping on top of Eagle Peak with an amazing view of the valley and Half Dome.

(@trevlee on Instagram )

Favorite Follow?

@zachspassport is one of my favorites. I enjoy seeing all of this photos from his adventures around the world. It's encouraging to see someone who seeks adventure and pursues new experiences on a regular basis.

Photo: My brother on the Glacier Point Divingboard overlooking the valley.

(@trevlee on Instagram )

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