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    A Generation by the Numbers

    A few key stats to guide your path through those wandering years between 20 and 30

    Erin Beresini

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    The age Teddy Roosevekt left the New York State Assembly in 1884 to become a rancher in the Dakota Badlands. Decades later, as president, he protected 230 million acres of public land. The takeaway: follow your own path.

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    The percentage of triathlon participants in their twenties, meaning the competition for hardware in your age group will never be this slim again.

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    Amount the average college student spends each year on alcohol—roughly twice what’s spent on books.

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    The number of twentysomethings who died in avalanches between 1950 and 2006—four times more than any other age group. Invest $50 in a snow-safety class at the ¬American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education.

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    Recommended daily amount of calcium, in milligrams, you should consume to promote development of thicker and harder bones before you turn 30. These cheap go-to meals will lower your odds of getting sidelined by a fracture: bowl of corn flakes with milk (1,000 mg), bean and cheese quesadilla (620 mg), Little Caesar’s cheese pizza (207 mg per slice).

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    The cost of a camper-equipped van in Auckland, on New Zealand’s North Island. You can sell it for the same price three months later in Christchurch. Now is the time to go big before the kids and the mortgage come along.