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Vital Stats: Ages 40 to 50

Before you have that mid-life crisis, read a few of these comforting stats.—Erin Beresini (Thomas Senf/Red Bull Content Poo)
P-20120710-00003 Valery Rozov russia photograph

A Generation by the Numbers

Before you have that mid-life crisis, read a few of these comforting stats.—Erin Beresini


Average age of the actors who played James Bond.

1970s portraits 1970s movies 1973 movies Cufflinks Gun James bond Moore roger Movies Portrait Ruffled shirt live and let die
(Everett Collection)


Average age of the actresses chased by James Bond.

DR. NO Ursula Andress james bond bikini
(Everett Collection)


Average age of Lamborghini buyers. There are better things o help you spend your way out of a midlife crisis—Like a $60,000 go-anywhere RV, a handcrafted bamboo fly rod.

lamborghini car
(Courtesy of Lamborghini)


Percentage of 40-to-59-year-olds who have high cholesterol. Your body’s ability to break down fatty substances is decreasing, resulting in increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and even dementia. A good defense: 1.5 cups of oatmeal daily reduces cholesterol by preventing its absorption.

Oatmeal Rolled Oats Whole Grain Old Fashioned Breakfast Healthy Eating Dietary Fiber Oat Healthy Heart Healthy Quaker Oats Company Product Shot Brand-name Container Merchandise Packaging Retail Editorial Cardboard Round Box Box Color Image Photography Studio Shot Close-up Isolated Isolated On White Vertical Nobody


The estimated hours soccer parents commit to their kids’ games and practices each year. Hampton Sides has a different idea for spending time with his kids.

(Woodly Wonder/Flickr)


The average monthly cost of a gym membership. while fortysomethings have more memberships than any other age group, roughly 67 percent of them never use it. don’t be one of them. Better yet, get outside.

dolar rolled up dollar bills
(Getty Images)


Russian daredevil Valery Rozov's age when he BASE-jumped from Mount Everest in May. Get your feats of adrenaline in now—risk acceptance and competitive drive start decreasing at 50.

P-20120710-00003 Valery Rozov russia photograph
(Thomas Senf/Red Bull Content Poo)

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