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    Your Generation by the Numbers

    A few key stats to guide you on your path into the golden years.

    Erin Beresini

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    Average net worth of those ages 55 to 64. Stretch it out by getting a little creative.

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    Annual vacation days you’ll have, on average, after 25 years of employment. In Germany they get 30. Depressing, right? Squeeze the most out of them.

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    Bruce Edgerly founder of Backcountry Access, sold his gear company to K2 skis in January 2013. The 52-year-old then spent roughly 50 days skiing in the backcountry and at resorts. It’s time to cash out.

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    Median price of a home near Idaho’s Payette River, which offers world-class trout fishing and whitewater kayaking. Other sweet vacation-home locations that won’t destroy your nest egg: taos, new mexico ($239,900); Southport, north Carolina ($189,500); and Marquette, Michigan ($166,700).

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    “You’ll feel a little pressure now.” This is the age to get your first colonoscopy.

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    Average age of visitors at the 260 nudist clubs in the U.S. It’s also the average age of American Birding Association members. Point being: the kids are getting older. Time to find a hobby.