The 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots

A member of the Granite Mountain Hotshot on the Whitewater-Baldy fire. (Jakob Schiller/Wired)
Gila New Mexico Wildland fire

A member of the Granite Mountain Hotshot on the Whitewater-Baldy fire.

Anthony Rose, 23

Rose grew up in Beach Park, Illinois, before moving to Crown King, Arizona, just outside of Prescott at 15. He joined the Granite Mountain Hotshots in 2012. His fiancee, Tiffany, is expecting their baby girl in October.

(Crown King Fire Dept/AP)

Andrew Ashcraft, 29

The father of four children, three boys and one girl, Ashcraft lived in Prescott with his wife, Juliann. He won Granite Mountain's “Rookie of the Year” award in 2011.

Garret Zuppiger, 27

After graduating from the University of Arizona, Zuppiger worked construction before joining the Granite Mountain Hotshots in 2012. During his rookie season, he was first in his wildfire training school class.

(Courtesy of the Zuppiger Family)

William Warneke, 25

Before joining the Granite Mountain Hotshots, Warneke spent four years with the Marines. He married his wife, Roxanne, in 2008. They were expecting their first child in December.

Kevin Woyjeck, 21

By the age of 15, Woyjeck, whose father fought fires for nearly 30 years, was a member of the Los Angeles County Fire Department Explorers Club. He worked as an EMT before becoming a wildland firefighter in 2011.

(Courtesy of the Woyjeck Family)

Joe Thurston, 32

Thurston moved from Cedar City, Utah, to Prescott in 2005 and worked as a volunteer firefighter and EMT before joining the hotshots in 2011. He and his wife, Marsena Lopez, have two sons: Ethan, 7, and Collin, 4.

Travis Turbyfill, 27

"Turby" began his firefighting career with the Forest Service in 2005 after a stint in the Marine Corps. He has two daughters, Brynley, 1, and Brooklyn, 3, with his wife, Stephanie.

(Jakob Schiller/Wired)

Jesse Steed, 36

A gunner in the Marine Corps for four years, Steed joined the crew in 2002. He was the captain of the crew. He and his wife, Desiree, had two children, Caden, 4, and Cambria, 3.

(Wade Ward)

John Percin Jr., 24

After moving to Prescott, Arizona, from Oregon in 2010, Percin took a job washing dishes at the downtown El Charro restaurant, where he saved money to pay for classes at the Arizona Wildfire Academy. This was his first season as a hotshot.

John Joseph Percin Jr.
(Associated Press)

Sean Misner, 26

Misner started as a Granite Mountain Hotshot in April, 2012. His great-grandfather had been a firefighter and his grandfather was a fire chief in Santa Barbara County. His wife gave birth to his son on August 22.

Scott Norris, 28

Norris worked on a Forest Service hotshot crew for four seasons before coming to Granite Mountain in the spring of 2013. He also worked part-time at Bucky O'Neill Guns store.

(Courtesy of Heather Kennedy)

Christopher MacKenzie, 30

A native of California’s San Jacinto Valley, he graduated from Hemet High School in 2001.This was his ninth season working as a firefighter. His father, Mike MacKenzie, was a former fire captain.

Gila New Mexico Wildland fire
(Jakob Schiller/Wired)

Grant McKee, 21

This was McKee's first season with the Granite Mountain Hotshots. His cousin, Robert Caldwell, had talked him into joining the crew that winter. He wanted to become a paramedic when he was done firefighting.

(Courtesy of the McKee Family)

Travis Carter, 31

Carter started his wildland firefighting career with the Prescott National Forest in 2001. In 2009, he transferred to Granite Mountain, and went onto become one of the crew's three squad bosses. He's survived by his wife, Krista, and their two children, Brayden, 7, and Brielle, 3.

Granite Mountain Hotshot Travis May 31 2012 during a burn operation near th
(Kari Greer)

Dustin DeFord, 24

DeFord was introduced to firefighting by his father, Pastor Steve DeFord, and started working as a firefighter at age 18. His first job was with the Carter County Rural Fire Department in Ekalaka, Montana.

Robert Caldwell, 23

Caldwell had fought fire for five seasons and was the youngest of the three squad bosses on Granite Mountain. In November, he was engaged to be married to Claire, and was a father to his five-year-old stepson.

Gila New Mexico Wildland fire
(Jakob Schiller/Wired)

Wade Parker, 22

The son of a fireman, Parker was working as a fry cook at In-N-Out burger before he joined the Granite Mountain Hotshots. He was engaged be married to Alicia Owens.

Eric Marsh, 43

The crew's superintendent, Eric Marsh had been fighting fires for more than 20 years and had been with the crew since 2003. He had a wife, Amanda, and numerous horses.

Clayton Whitted, 28

Squad boss Clayton Whitted, a Prescott native, was a youth minister who saw firefighting as his way of serving God. He married his wife, Kristi, in February, 2011.

(Gregory G. Miller)

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