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The Best Gear Money Can't Buy

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's gear—unless it's so awesome you can't even buy it. Eight pieces of gear you can only admire from afar. —Joe Jackson (Sinisa Botas/Shutterstock)

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's gear—unless it's so awesome you can't even buy it. Eight pieces of gear you can only admire from afar. —Joe Jackson

Wavesport Carbon Fiber Project 54cx

You might be able to find one of these used—if it sat lonely in a collector's garage for the past four years. Wavesport only released 50 of these $2500, fully carbon fiber, handmade, versions of their iconic Project 54 worldwide in 2009. The first strong encounter with a rock likely shattered the carbon fiber exterior of a majority of these boats that found river time, but that's a risk worth taking when you think of how fun a 54 liter playboat weighing a feather-light 20 pounds would be in a big fluffy wave.


Gnarboards Electric Skate Board

The Gnarboard was a Kickstarter success story that was unfortunately thrown on hiatus. These insanely fast remote-controlled skate boards—the Trail Rider Model could apparently go from 0-28 MPH in 1.9 seconds—were a success in terms of funding but turned out to be more expensive to produce than founder Josh Tulberg had anticipated. Gnarboards currently offers DIY kits and you can email sales@gnarboards.com to sign up for a waiting list of the next round of gnar—there are just no promises as to when that will be.

(Courtesy Gnarlyboard)

Your Own Wind Tunnel

We have scales to tell us how light our cycling gear is, but how can we measure the—extremely important—aerodynamics of our bikes? If you had the space and, as we estimate close to $10 million, to build a bicycle-specific wind tunnel like Specialized did on-site at their Morgan Hill, California, headquarters, you could do some next level tinkering to your gear—and then test it yourself. Just imagine the countless hours you could spend tweaking the minutiae of your position to minimize drag.

(Todd Bell)

Novo Camera

The GoPro was an awesome answer to a lot of professional filmers' specialized needs. It fit anywhere, it shot extremely high quality video for it's size, and was—by professional standards—cheap. But the GoPro had an Achilles heel: You couldn't change the aperture and were stuck with a single wide angle shot. Viewfactor Studios and Radiant Images teamed up to refurbish the GoPro so that it could accommodate 5mm to 85mm lenses that fix both of those problems. They are only available to rent for $885 per week.

(Courtesy Novo)

Honda RN-01 G-Cross

Honda's one and only downhill mountain bike is truly the stuff of legend. The bike featured an internal gear system, details of which Honda kept secret. Professional downhill mountain biker Greg Minaar was one of the lucky few who got to compete with it in 2004. "The gear box itself was pretty unique, the simple yet effective gear box that kept your drive chain clean while running through a shallow oil bath, keeping it consistently lubricate and efficient," Minaar explained.

Minaar also liked the weight distribution. "All the weight of the bike was around the Bottom bracket, letting the bike handle extremely well," he said. Then, as mysteriously as the G-Cross arrived, it vanished. It was never made available to the public. "The crew of engineers, riders and project leaders took RN01 to heart, and when the project got canned it was like a teenage breakup—a lot of sad hearts," says Minaar.


Hyperbaric Chamber

Okay, so can buy one of these if you have the dough. The Vitaeris 320, the personal chamber most commonly used by professional athletes costs $19,900—and you have to be willing to jump through a few hoops. Hyperbaric chambers are a Class II medical device so you have to be a doctor or get a prescription from a doctor to purchase one.

These chambers, which feed you pure oxygen in a pressurized environment, are designed to treat decompression sickness, but also help in healing wounds that refuse to close and fighting serious infections. The higher pressure and added oxygen cause your body to release growth factors and also aid in recovery, which athletes like Michael Phelps, who used one in training leading up to the 2012 Olympics, can appreciate.

(Courtesy Oxyhealth)

Cervelo RCA Frame

This is another one you can technically buy, but since the frame alone costs $10,000, you probably won't. Why spend 10K on a frame you ask? Because that stiff, handmade, marvel weighs 667 grams—LESS THAN TWO POUNDS! That's less than a gallon of milk or half the weight of an average Chihuahua. Did we mention that it's also built with aerodynamic tube shapes? Finally: A bike that's not only incredibly light, but also slices through the wind.


K2 Coors Light Skis

We understand the purpose of having a can that changes color at drinking temperature, but let's just say that the color-changing ability of these skis (kicking in at 37 degrees) isn't their most utilitarian feature. But based on this video, the twin-tipped K2 Press skis that the cold-activated Coors Light logo is wrapped around seem to have an awesome rocker profile and perform well in the crud. These skis are only available through selected texting campaigns as well as Coors Light's Facebook page.

(Coors Light)

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