• It's that time again! Outside's gear editors are handing out Gear of the Show awards at Interbike, the massive annual cycling industry convention. Here are our picks for the most exciting gear of 2013.
  • Niner RLT9

    Gravel bikes are the cliché of this edition of Interbike, and yet in the hands of Niner, the 29er purists, this is arguably the most beautifully achieved adventure road bike we’ve seen.

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  • Shimano R785 Hydraulic Road Brakes

    We’ve been predicting disc brakes on road bikes for years, but with the arrival of not just one, but two hydraulic systems in the last few months, the time has finally come. SRAM launched its Red 22 Hydro units earlier this summer, and we’ve found them to be excellent. Now Shimano unveils the R785 levers, which are optimized to work with Ultegra Di2.

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  • Smith Forefront

    It’s tough to rethink and re-energize the bike helmet, which is, let’s face it, a huge, eyesore of a mushroom cloud-shaped seat belt for your head, and yet we’re thrilled about Smith’s new all-mountain lid.

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  • Felt Fat-E

    Fat bikes just keep getting...well, bigger. Specialized, Kona, and, if the rumors are true, Trek all have big-tire bikes either out now or on the way. And in spite of the desert locale at the first day of Interbike's Outdoor Demo, the stalls were full of fat bikes, even if many of the Alaskan purveyors were wilting in the blistering heat.

    Perhaps strangest of all, Felt's concept bike mates the Bosch electronic platform that the company has been selling on its European QX and Verza e-bikes to a fat tire mountain bike ride. No estimates on when—or even if—this well-named bike will make it to production.

    Aaron Gulley
  • Xtracycle Edgerunner

    There are quite a few cool kid- and cargo-hauling utility bikes at this year’s show. But there are a bunch of reasons why Xtracycle’s new Edgerunner is our favorite.

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