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  • Photo: Mike Baird/Flickr

    Buy the Best Beginner Ocean Kayak

    A few helpful tips for making sure you don't set off in a sub-standard vessel.

    » Learn How to Buy the Best Beginner Ocean Kayak

  • Photo: Simon Jardine/Flickr

    Get Into Kiteboarding

    Want to get into kiteboarding but aren't sure where to start? We've got the answer.

    » Learn How to Get Into Kiteboarding

  • Photo: Edmund Vermeulen/Flickr

    Buy a Wetsuit

    Buying a wetsuit isn't as simple as picking your favorite color. Let us show you how to find the right one.

    » Learn How to Buy a Wetsuit

  • Photo: Espos/Flickr

    Ski the Beach

    Beach skiing may sound like a lunatic activity, but it's actually surprisingly fun. Here's how to hit the shores in style.

    » Learn How to Ski the Beach

  • Photo: Heath Alseike/Flickr

    Waterproof Your Camera

    Before you go stomping off into the waves with your DSLR, make sure you've waterproofed your hardware to the max.

    » Learn How to Waterproof Your Camera

  • Photo: Mermaid Photography/Flickr

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    Get in Shape to Water Ski

    Don't embarrass yourself. Learn how to get in shape so you can stay upright for more than 15 seconds. (And if you do end up faceplanting, remember to let go of the rope.)

    » Learn How to Get in Shape to Water Ski