• Photo: Inga Hendrickson

    We tested more than 25 women's all-mountain boards in Crested Butte last Spring. Here are our four favorites.

    Mike Horn
  • Photo: Courtesy of High Society

    High Society Scarlet

    BEST FOR: All Mountain

    Riders rated this board for its consistency. A lightweight poplar core lends the Scarlet a predictable and smooth, no-hitch flex, as evidenced by one tester’s praise: "So much pop, it’s the Justin Bieber of snowboards!" It performed well on all types of terrain and is well balanced enough to please beginners and experts alike.

    RESPONSE: 4.5
  • Photo: Courtesy of Evo

    Ride Baretta

    BEST FOR: Aggressive Riders

    The revamped Baretta ($400) brought in rave reviews thanks to a new directional shape, a set-back stance, and a mellow camber that extends from the feet to the tail. Testers were surprised by how damping it felt underfoot, sucking up bumps and chop. For smaller testers, the extra shock absorption came at a price: its torsional stiffness threw them around. "Definitely stable at speed and in the crud," said one, "but it’ll give you whiplash if you’re not careful."

  • Photo: Courtesy of Salty Peaks

    Never Summer Raven

    BEST FOR: All Abilities

    A bit of rocker underfoot and camber toward the nose and tail make the Raven Never Summer’s most intermediate-friendly women's board to date. Don’t expect a noodle, though—a blend of hard and soft woods in the Raven’s core creates powerful flex that delivers plenty of pop. It’s stiff enough to handle the steeps and pliable enough to lap jump lines in the park.

  • Photo: Courtesy of Daddies Board

    Rome Heist

    BEST FOR: Everything but the Park

    The Heist ($400) is stiffer and harder to wrangle than some boards, but the payoff is extra precision in the trees, steeps, and groomers. "It doesn’t ride like a sissy stick," one tester said. With rocker underfoot and camber at the tip and tail, the Heist earned high marks from all-mountain riders for float and edge hold. A bit too stiff for the park.

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