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The Best Biking Gear for Kids

The youth market is a small part of the giant show that is Interbike. But these five products—some for kids, others for hauling them—caught our eye.

Diamondback Podium 24

Diamondback enters the youth road bike market with the Podium 24, a 6061 alloy frame outfitted with 8 speed Sora components and a two ring chainring with 38t/48t for easy climbing. Retailing for $500, the Podium 24 is also less pricey than many of the other youth bikes on the market.

Strider St Pro

Pedal-less, balance bikes like this are the ideal way to get little ones riding. Strider's' new aluminum St-Pro ($169) is their lightest offering yet, weighing in at well under five pounds, making it that much easier for toddlers to scoot around on.

Linus Lil' Dutchie

Most kids bikes more or less look the same. Which is why Linus' Lil Dutchie ($299) is so refreshing. You get the classic vintage look, but in a pint size. 16-wheel inch version is pictured, but it’s also available in a 20-inch model.

Virtue SchoolBus

Yet another take on the urban cargo and kid hauler. The SchoolBus’ front compartment has two removable bench seats and two bare bones “seat belts” (essentially webbing and buckles) for two kiddos, though you could easily fit another little one on each bench if you’re not of the every-kid-must-be-buckled-down-at-all-times persuasion (or are just goofing around somewhere safe). Although the width of the front compartment limits where you can take this thing, the trade-off is that the kids are right there in front of you, which makes it easier to communicate and goof around and stay connected to your kids as you ride around. Of course, you don’t have to be a parent to dig this thing: remove the bench seats, and there’s lots of room for dogs, grocery bags, bags of mulch from Home Depot—the load capacity is about 300 pounds. The bike itself weighs about 80 pounds and is available with an electric motor as the SchoolBus+ ($1,499) or without for $999.

Gazelle Cabby

Two kids up front and one back—that’s how Gazelle Cabby ($2,499) rolls. And it rolls well, thanks to the undersize 24-inch front wheel, which makes for a fairly small turning radius and manageable handling. Smart: the bench seat in the front compartment can be folded up to fit more cargo, and the entire compartment can be folded up if you’ve got no payload on board.

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