• Juliana Juno

    Anyone who thought that 27.5 (or 650B) was just a passing fad must surely reconsider after this Interbike. Virtually every single manufacturer is showing at least a few bikes in the mid-size wheel category. And some, like Giant, have gone all in with a full line of 27.5s. There are still plenty of interesting new 29ers rolling around at Outdoor Demo. 26ers, on the other hand, are a disappearing breed. Here's a cross-section of new 27.5s.

    Santa Cruz is on a 27.5 tear. First came the 150mm Bronson, in April, an immediate hit that was followed by the single-pivot aluminum version, the Heckler. Then there was the 125mm 5010 (say "solo") and the analogous Bantam. And at Interbike, the company showed versions of all four in its women's-specific brand, Juliana, including the 125mm trail-oriented Juno.

    Aaron Gulley
  • Yeti SB-75

    We loved the SB-66 Carbon, Yeti's enduro-oriented 26er. And we were so fond of the SB-95 Carbon, the five-inch 29 version, that we gave it an Editor's Choice award. So there's nothing to make us think that the SB-75, which packs five inches of travel into a 27.5-inch wheel package and uses the same Switch Technology suspension, won't be just as good.
  • Jamis Dakar AMT

    The Dakar AMT is a long-standing fixture in the Jamis line, but like so many bikes this year, the 26-inch version has been revamped to 27.5. The aluminum frame is built around a 150mm Rockshox Pike fork (another popular entry for 2014), the new XO1 one by eleven drivetrain, and will retail for $4,900. The Comp version will get lower spec for $3,000.
  • Marin Mount Vision C-XM Pro

    The NorCal bike manufacturer has completely rebranded in an effort to get back to its race-inspired, enthusiast roots. The fully revised Mount Vision is a 140mm, 27.5-inch trail bike built around a new, linear suspension design that forgoes a bit of the small-compliance to save weight. At a claimed 25.5 pounds, it should be an incredibly capable trail ride.
  • Lapierre Spicy 527

    The French bike manufacturer enters the U.S. after the expiration of Specialized's patent on the Horst Link. The Spicy is a serious enduro and park bike with 160mm of travel up front and 150 in the rear. It also features EI (Electronic Intelligence), which uses a battery-powered accelerometer and sensor system to adjust the suspension to conditions.
  • Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 770

    On the shorter end of 27.5, the 120mm Thunderbolt is a full-fledged trail bike, with short stays, a short cockpit, and a playful personality that wants to jump over and hop down everything. It will be aluminum only for 2014 and will come in four specs, and a carbon version is likely to follow in 2015.
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