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    Hit the Road During the Workday

    There's always time for a ride or run when you're working for Strava. Besides the 25 days of vacation that employees get each year, they're encouraged to take time from their day to hit the trail or road.
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    NOLS offers spontaneous early-out Fridays, wellness days, and flexible hours. Employees can also choose to telecommute and are encouraged to go for a long lunch to get outside.
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    Ski Breaks Encouraged

    Outlaw Partners gives employees free ski passes to Moonlight Basin and encourages them to make use of the perk. Workout and ski breaks are part of the office culture, and employees are able to make up the work at their own convenience.
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    Flexible Workweek Hours

    Employees at Blue Tent Marketing have flex-time available year-round, letting them catch the powder in the winter or go for early-morning hikes in the summer. Employees can telecommute, and enjoy relaxed Fridays. They also have the option to work ten hours a day, four days a week, instead of the traditional nine-to-five.
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    Powder Mornings

    SmartWool offers powder mornings and summer hours—starting the Friday before Memorial Day and often extended through the last day of summer—along with Friday afternoon bike rides and overall flexible working schedules.
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    Employees Set Their Own Schedules

    During the summer, MercuryCSC schedules fewer company-wide meetings to reduce the workload. Throughout the year, employees can set their own schedules and work remotely.
  • Photo: Courtesy of Groundfloor Media

    Work From Anywhere

    At Groundfloor Media, employees have the option to work from anywhere, as long as they get their work done.
  • Photo: Courtesy of Beach Cities Health District

    Every Other Friday Off

    With an optional 80/9 work schedule, team members at Beach Cities Health District can take every other Friday off.
  • Photo: Courtesy of River Design Group

    Unlimited Powder Days

    Staff members at River Design Group may work long hours, but in return they get an extra-flexible work schedule that lets them mold their job around their hobbies. All winter, employees at the Whitefish office have unlimited powder days, while those working from the Oregon center have Steelhead Fridays for fishing.
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    Make Your Own Hours

    Red Frog Events lets employees make their own hours year-round and avoid the stress of commuting with work from home days.
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