• Photo: Courtesy of Alite

    Alite Boa Lite Leash

    Alite’s featherweight (4.8 ounces) Boa Lite leash reinforces responsible dog ownership: there’s a pocket for waste bags integrated into the leash. Read More

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  • Photo: Courtesy of Krebs

    Krebs Leashes

    No fancy features here, just a cool idea: Krebs leashes are made from scraps of used climbing rope. Read More
  • Photo: Courtesy of Kurgo

    Kurgo Collaps A Bowl

    At half a pound, the silicone Kurgo Collaps A Bowl is only two ounces heavier than a smashable water bowl, but it’s dishwasher safe, stores flat, and never gets soggy. Read More
  • Photo: Rob Butler

    REI Ultra Dog Pack

    Dogs can carry up to a third of their weight comfortably—and REI’s durable Ultra Dog Pack makes it easier: compression straps tuck in extraneous pocket room, eliminating branch snags. Read More
  • Photo: Courtesy of Astral

    Astral Bird Dog Flotation Device

    Astral’s Bird Dog flotation device has evenly distributed buoyancy to keep your pup afloat in whitewater. A haul strap makes for quick recovery into the boat. Available in five sizes. Read More
  • Photo: Courtesy of Planet Dog

    Planet Dog On the Go Food and Water Bowls

    Planet Dog’s nylon-poly 48- and 72-ounce On the Go food and water bowls crush down in your dog’s pack when not in use. Read More
  • Photo: Courtesy of Mountainsmith

    Mountainsmith K-9 Cube

    Mountainsmith’s K-9 Cube has compartments for keeping everything organized and comes with collapsible food and water bowls, a lined kibble container, and a soft frisbee. Read More
  • Photo: Courtesy of Better Buddies

    Better Buddies Bedroll

    The Better Buddies bedroll is made with hemp, which is more durable and easier to clean than 100 percent cotton. Ten percent of the proceeds benefit Best Friends Animal Society. Read More
  • Photo: Courtesy of Dublin Dog

    Dublin Dog Collar

    Got a swimmer on your hands? Dublin Dog’s stretchy, synthetic collars don’t absorb water, so they’re stenchproof, too. Read More
  • Photo: Courtesy of L.L. Bean

    L.L. Bean Sporting Dog First-Aid Kit

    Among 21 other medical products, L.L.Bean’s Sporting Dog first-aid kit has a skin stapler, saline and iodine solutions, a latex tourniquet, and, most important, an instruction book that explains how to use it all. Read More
  • Photo: Courtesy of Garmin

    Garmin Astro 320 Dog Tracker

    Keep a virtual eye on your dog in the wilderness with Garmin’s Astro 320 Dog Tracker. It can keep tabs on up to 10 dogs in a nine-mile radius. Read More
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