• Photo: Tim Davis

    Dan Malloy, negotiating an unruley section of the Indian Ocean.
  • Photo: Tim Davis

    Dan Malloy finding a little shade in the Indian Ocean.
  • Dan Malloy—skater imitator. A marathon session at a spot called Monkey Tails in the Indian Ocean
  • Photo: Devon Howard

    New school meets old. Dan Malloy on a 70's era Gerry Lopez single fin.
  • Photo: Jeff Johnson

    Chris Malloy, off the beaten path on an Indian Ocean gem.
  • Photo: Jeff Johnson

    Keith and Dan beer-thirty in Baja, CA.
  • Batteries not included. Chris Malloy and Dave Homcy shooting 16mm film with a wind-up Bolex in Chile on location for the film A Brokedown Melody.
  • Keith Malloy sneaks in under the lip on a Fletcher Chouinard 6'4" thruster.
  • Photo: Jeremy Koreski

    Keith Malloy finds some solace in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Photo: Tom Servais

    Dan Malloy, on the hunt in Indonesia.
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