• Photo: Kirsten Kortebein

    Marathon des Sables

    Since 1986, some 12,000 people from around the world have gathered in the Sahara to compete in what is often called the hardest foot race on Earth. "Race is a silly word for this. It's not a race, it's a war. But everyday is a battle against yourself." —Luke Tyburski, Australia
  • Photo: Kirsten Kortebein

    Michael De Oliveira

    At 18, Michael De Oliveira was this year's youngest finisher. He ran the race with his father, Marcus, to commemorate his graduation from high school. "I definitely know mentally a lot of these guys have a lot on me. Everyone says, 'Oh you're so young, you've got an advantage.' But when we start, I get caught up and regret my speed later." —Michael De Oliveira, United States
  • Photo: Kirsten Kortebein


    "In a 100-mile race at home, you'd run through the blisters. Here, if you leave one and it is going to grow and grow and grow. You have to deal with it." —Meghan Hicks, United States
  • Photo: Kirsten Kortebein

    Cooking at MdS

    With the exception of water and tents, runners must carry all of their gear
  • Photo: Kirsten Kortebein

    Christian Ginter

    This year, France's Christian Ginter completed his 25th Marathon des Sables
  • Photo: Kirsten Kortebein

    Camp at the Marathon des Sables

    "The marathon, it's another world. You meet people, you make new friends. I prefer this marathon because I love the desert and I meet with other athletes, other champions. We live the passion of athleticism, of the race." —Rachid el Morabity, 2011 Marathon des Sables champion
  • Photo: Kirsten Kortebein

    Laurence Klein

    For the second year in a row, Laurence Klein of France was the first female finisher. Her time was 26 hours, 15 minutes and 40 seconds. She also won the race in 2007.
  • Photo: Kirsten Kortebein

    Salameh Al Aqra

    After placing in the top three in each of the past four years, Jordan's Salameh Al Aqra won the 2012 race, ending a 15-year streak of Moroccan victories
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