Chris Korbulic Runs 100-Foot Waterfall in California

A sequence of Korbulic running a 100-plus-foot waterfall, which he dubbed 199 Problems, on California's South Branch of the Feather.

The 100-foot waterfall in the foreground is the final piece of the steepest section of whitewater ever run in a kayak—900 feet per mile.

Korbulic in the midst of the action.

A view from the lip of 199 Problems. Korbulic had to avoid launching from the granite pillar under the spray on the right to maintain control.

Korbulic tosses wishbone-shaped driftwood into the river to test the fall line of the descent.

Korbulic took a huge hit to his eye at the bottom. The cut needed 17 stitches when he got to the hospital in nearby Chico, California.

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