In Our Own Words: A History of Lance Armstrong Coverage in 'Outside'

April 1998: Tour De Revenge

We scoured the archives to gather a history of Armstrong's career and examine our own relationship with the controversial figure we once called cycling's greatest hero.

"To rise from the dead, to crush those who've slighted you, to best insurmountable odds, and to make a fortune doing so, would that not be the sweetest medicine? Lance Armstrong really, really hopes so." Read More

May 2000: Lance Armstrong — Of Lance We Sing

"It's not easy to add up all the ways in which Lance Armstrong has earned the title of American hero." Read More

(Shannon McIntyre)

June 2003: Force Majeure -- Lance Armstrong

"This summer, if he succeeds in matching the five-in-a-row record of Miguel Indurain, the mighty Basque who ruled the Tour from 1991 to 1995, Lance will be poised to attempt an unprecedented six victories—a feat that would secure his place among the all-time greats in the history of sport." Read More

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July 2004: A 'Revealing' Interview with the Greatest Rider on Earth

"Before I knew it, he was buck naked, and Dave Bolch, his massage therapist, was kneading those celebrated quads like twin slabs of Kobe beef. Full and frank disclosure: Armstrong wasn't entirely naked. He still wore his watch—a Nike Lance 4—which he repeatedly glanced at. With this guy, every second counts." Read More

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(Anton Corbijn)

April 2004: 'I'm Not the Next Greg Lemond. I'm the First Lance Armstrong'

"The growing pains of a man-child and world champion." Read More

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December 2004: The Boss

"More Lance? Yeah, more Lance. Because a cyclist now ranks alongside transcendent, single-name icons like Pelé and Jordan ... Because no matter how much is written about him, the next time he races, you'll watch." Read More


March 2005: Tour or No, Lance Sets Out to Prove He's Still the Man to Beat

"While cycling observers are nearly unanimous in calling Armstrong the greatest Tour rider ever, they are reluctant to declare him the sport's greatest, pointing to a lack of other major wins on his résumé. But that may change." Read More

July 2005: Breaking Away

"Wrap your mind around the life and legacy and farewell Tour de France of Lance Armstrong—hero, dad, six-time King of the World, rock-star arm candy, and (sometime after '06) the next! governor! of Texas!" Read More

December 2005: Who's Been Trying to Bring Down Cycling's Greatest Hero?

"It would be payback for the publication, on August 23, of a controversial story in L'Équipe, a Paris-based sports daily. Under the headline 'Le Mensonge Armstrong' ('The Armstrong Lie'), investigative journalist Damien Ressiot, 41, alleged that he had proof that Armstrong had used a banned performance-enhancing drug during his first Tour victory, in 1999. 'The facts are indisputable,' he wrote." Read More

(John Pierce - PhotoSport Interna)

January 2009: Back on the Bike

"Why is Lance Armstrong racing again? Because he still has something to prove—and nothing else hurts so good." Read More

(Robert Maxwell)

June 2009: Remembering Armstrong's First Tour Victory

"Ten years ago this month, Lance Armstrong was a little-known cancer survivor who showed up at the Tour de France. And no one had any idea what would happen next" Read More

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Readers' Questions

"The seven-time Tour de France champ answers readers' questions on his favorite work-out music and the possibility of competing in an Ironman." Read More

June 2010: Lance's Final Tour

"[From Twitter] And yes, this will be final Tour de France. It's been a great ride. Looking forward to 3 great weeks." Read More

July 2010 Cover

"We understand that our July newsstand cover featuring Lance Armstrong has caused a bit of a ruckus (thanks, Twitter!). Yes, it's true, we had some Photoshop fun with Lance's t-shirt. BFD. We copped to it right on the cover — see that line reading 'Note: Not Armstrong's Real T-shirt.' We wanted to create a provocative image and make a bold statement about the fact that many cycling fans have been discounting Lance's chances in this year's Tour de France due to his age."Read the Cover Story

(Danny Clinch)

September 2010: Big Fish

"There's a determined man chasing Lance Armstrong, and he has a harpoon: Jeff Novitzky, a brilliant and relentless federal agent who's out to prove that bike racing's greatest champion cheated and lied." Read More

(Illustration by Barry Blitt )

June 2011: Lance Armstrong and Tyler Hamilton Walk Into a Bar

"'He wanted to get into it,' Hamilton told me this morning. 'I was like, ‘Let’s step outside and talk away from the crowd, but he wouldn’t. He said, ‘No one cares.’' Then, according to Hamilton, Armstrong began to berate him." Read More

(Associated Press)

January 2012: It's Not About the Lab Rats

"If Lance Armstrong went to jail and Livestrong went away, that would be a huge setback in our war against cancer, right? Not exactly, because the famous nonprofit donates almost ­nothing to scientific research. BILL GIFFORD looks at where the money goes and finds a mix of fine ideas, millions of dollars aimed at 'awareness,' and a few very blurry lines." Read More

(Ben Watts/Corbis)

June 2012: Ironman Won't Bend the Rules for Lance Armstrong

"After a tough week of deliberations, World Triathlon CEO Andrew Messick explains his decision to keep the seven-time Tour de France winner from competing" Read More

(Grayson Schaffer)

July 2012: Lance Armstrong—Victim?

"The embattled cyclist says USADA is out to get him—using powers that it really shouldn’t have. Brian Alexander says he’s right." Read More


August 2012: More on Lance Armstrong's Decision to Give Up His Fight

"On Thursday night, Lance Armstrong chose not to enter into an arbitration process that would pit him against the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, saying he's grown tired of fighting charges of doping." Read More

(Oddne Rasmussen/Flickr)

August 2012: My Life with Lance Armstrong

"I was Lance’s personal assistant for two years, during the height of his racing career. Do I think he cheated? Yep. But my real problem is something that diehard fans seem unable to grasp: the vengeful tactics he uses against people who tell the truth about him, on and off the bike." Read More

(Thomas Terry/Associated Press)

Lance Armstrong's Secret Is Out

"The news leaks about The Secret Race have vastly undersold its importance. Tyler Hamilton’s book is a historic, definitive indictment of cycling’s culture of doping during the Armstrong era." Read More

2009 Amgen Tour of California P Tyler Hamilton
(Richard Masoner/Cyclelicious/Flickr)

August 2012: Lance Armstrong: Case Closed

"Tyler Hamilton’s new book, The Secret Race, makes it impossible to believe Lance’s story anymore." Read More

(Courtesy of Bantam Dell)

September 2012: Why Lance Armstrong Will Never Give In

"In the future, Armstrong can do charity rides, participate in endurance events—Tough Mudder anyone?—and, of course, continue to advocate for cancer patients. Given all the drug testing Armstrong survived—something he’s cited many times in defense of his innocence—and the outright support he’s received from many, it looks like he’ll be able to press on, dented but not destroyed, as long as he never admits to doping." Read More

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