• Photo: Rice Jackson

    Ice Temple in Pleneau Bay, Antarctica: We were awed, humbled, and close to frozen in our watery tracks when we rounded the edge of the bay and saw this arch. Almost in unison, whispers of "Who built this?" could be heard.
  • Photo: Rod Lindroth

    Awesome Athabasca in Alberta: The Icefields Parkway in Canada is an amazing parade of beautiful scenery, with snow-capped peaks, picturesque valleys, raging torrents, meandering creeks, grassy meadows, spectacular views, and, of course, the Athabasca Glacier.
  • Photo: Kevin Manniko

    Grey Glacier in Patagonia
  • Photo: Caleb Izdepski

    The Somoto River: My brother Josh and I were traveling north through Esteli, Nicaragua, on the Pan-American Highway when we passed a dirt road and a sign for Somoto Canyon. The dirt road descended to the Somoto River; we forded it and hiked upstream. After some two kilometers, the riverbanks become canyon walls, but paying 30 Córdobas each will get you ferried upstream. As we went, I noticed evidence of floodwaters. We climbed the wall to get an overview and found the river had swollen several feet the previous day.
  • Photo: Rich Hudnut Jr.

    Solomon Islands Smile: Diving off the Bilikiki in the Solomon Islands is something special, even when you are out of the water. The locals come over to sell local goods to the boat. I was on the second deck and got this shot of a local girl waiting to sell some veggies to the boat.
  • Photo: Jeff Hanestad

    Ventura Pier Sunset, New Years Day 2008: The Santa Ana winds setup the wispy clouds, and I arrived about an hour prior to sunset. I used a D200 with a .9 ND grad & .3 ND grad filter with a circular polarizer. Exposure was set to three seconds at F32.
  • Photo: Brian Gray

    Strolling through Zebra Canyon: This canyon is a gem nestled in Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Friends of ours from Escalate decided to take us here because Zebra Canyon is not only strikingly beautiful, but the striped walls are quite unique among the multitude of desert southwest slot canyons. Photo stats: Canon EOS 350D, Canon 10-22, 12mm, ISO 100, F11, 0.8s.
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