• Photo: J.K. Hillers

    A still of Granite Gorge from 1873.
  • Photo: Photo Courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

    Regan Dale, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Tara Davis, and Kick Kennedy row a traditional dory.
  • Photo: Michael Nichols

    The Colorado River bends dramatically around Point Hansbrough in the Grand Canyon.
  • Photo: Chris Rainier

    The dories drift in and out of the canyon's formidable shadow.
  • Photo: Chris Rainier

    Anthony Yap, Bram Role, and Rita Riewerts crash through the rapids in a traditional dory.
  • Photo: Michael Nichols

    Water pools in the Esplanade on the North Rim.
  • Photo: Wade Davis

    A rafting party stops for a beach break beneath Redwall Cavern.
  • Photo: Chris Rainier

    Daylight plays along the walls of the Grand Canyon.
  • Photo: Joseph Hillers

    Glen Canyon in June 1955, before the construction of Glen Canyon Dam.
  • Photo: Ben Horton

    A kayaker on the expedition enjoys riding alone on the Colorado River.
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