• Tool of Choice?

    Corey Arnold (@arni_coraldo) just wrapped up a five-week trip to Svalbard (a tiny island in the Arctic), photographing glaciers for the non-profit Project Pressure. A tested angler and a true nomad, Arnold has worked seasonally as a commercial fisherman since 1995. Above all, Arnold has a love for photographing his adventures, which usually look pretty damn cold.

    @arni_coraldo: I just upgraded to an iPhone 5s, which is a pretty big leap from my previous iPhones. My feed also includes my earlier 4s and 3s and some with my SLR.
  • What's with the Cat?

    My roommate has a cat named "The Dude." I'm a complete lover when it comes to cats, but this guy has never liked me and, on average, he hisses at me 5 times a day for no good reason. I'm always trying to cheer him up, this time with a shadow puppet performance, but to no avail. I'm a sucker for cat photos.
  • Favorite Filter?

    I usually don't use filters, but if the photo needs a bit of warm and brightness I go straight to Valencia. Generally though, I prefer a natural and not-over-processed feel.
  • Pro Tip?

    Editing is everything. Instagram is a personal journal and a great way to share with your audience. I try to only post when I've captured something I love. I probably post one out of every 50 snaps I make on the iPhone.
  • Story behind your biggest hit?

    I was documenting the commercial fishing industry in arctic Norway and driving to the nearby village of Kjøllefjord during the winter. Suddenly the landscape turned surreal and barren with smooth fresh snow in every direction and a black road that weaved perfectly into the horizon.
  • iPhone or DSLR?

    I always prioritize my SLR when something amazing stands before me, then if I got that shot, the iPhone comes out. If I'm posting from a journey, I'll post photos from both my iPhone and my SLR. For me it's not about what gear you shoot with. The fun is sharing the adventure with friends as it happens. Usually I'm not adventuring in a place with cell service anyway.
  • Favorite Follow?

    My favorite instagrammer is @chrisburkard. We share a similar love for the Arctic, but Chris combines ice with some incredible surf adventures. We seem to be circling each other but have yet to land in the same place at the same time.
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