• Alana Blanchard

    Alana Blanchard, 20, Hanalei, Hawaii. 2007 Women's Pipeline champion, 2009 Vans Hawaiian Pro winner.
  • Keoni and Koa Watson

    Paddleboard champion Keoni Watson and his son, Koa.
  • Coco Ho

    Coco Ho, 19, Sunset Beach, Hawaii. 2009 ASP Rookie of the Year.
  • Kealii Mamala

    Kealii Mamala, 32, Sunset Beach, Hawaii. Big-wave surfer, 2008 Nelscott Reef Tow-In Classic paddle winner.
  • Bruna Schmitz

    Bruna Schmitz, 20, Matinhos, Brazil. Junior on the ASP Women's World Tour.
  • Julian Wilson

    Julian Wilson, 22, Coolum, Australia. Rookie on upcoming 2011 ASP World Tour.
  • Rob Machado

    Rob Machado, 37, Cardiff-By-The-Sea, California. Legendary freesurfer, 2000 Pipeline Masters champion.
  • Taylor Knox

    Taylor Knox, 39, Carlsbad, California. 17-year veteran of the ASP World Tour.
  • Mick Fanning

    Mick Fanning, 29, Tweed Heads, Australia. Two-time ASP World Tour champion.
  • Craig Anderson

    Craig Anderson, 22, Merewether, Australia. 2010 Surfer Poll Breakthrough Performer of the Year.
  • Greg & Rusty Long

    Greg & Rusty Long, 27 & 29, San Clemente, California. Brothers, big-wave phenoms.
  • Shane Dorian

    Shane Dorian, 38, Kona, Hawaii. Big-wave surfer and Pipeline legend.
  • Kelly Slater

    Kelly Slater, 38, Cocoa Beach, Florida. Ten-time ASP World Tour champion.
  • Mark Cunningham

    Mark Cunningham, 55, Honolulu, Hawaii. Legendary bodysurfer, retired North Shore lifeguard.
  • Stephanie Gilmore

    Stephanie Gilmore, 23, Tweed Heads, Australia. Four-time defending ASP Women's World Tour champion.
  • Gabriel Medina

    Gabriel Medina, 17, Maresias, Brazil. 2010 ISA World Juniors champion.
  • Danny Fuller

    Danny Fuller, 28, Hanalei, Hawaii. Big-wave surfer, Pipeline regular, model, photographer.
  • Fred Pattachia

    Fred Pattachia, 29, Sunset Beach, Oahu. 2005 ASP World Tour Rookie of the Year.
  • Sofia Mulanovich

    Sofia Mulanovich, 27, Punta Hermosa, Peru. First South American inducted into the Surfers Hall of Fame, 2004 ASP Women’s World Tour champion.
  • Kamalei Alexander

    Kamalei Alexander, 32, Hanalei, Hawaii. North Shore local and member of surfing’s Wolf Pack.
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