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  • Photo: Courtesy of Red Bull

    Be a More Confident Mountain Biker

    "If you get into trouble in a hard spot, keep neutral pressure on your bars, so the bike tracks where it wants to go, and avoid slamming on the brakes. The bike will almost ride down stuff on its own."

    »Learn How to Become a More Confident Mountain Biker

  • Photo: Juliana Bikes/Santa Cruz Bikes

    Ride a Steep Roll

    “Riding a slope that makes your heart pound isn’t all guts,” says Abby Hippley, frame builder at Santa Cruz Bicycles and former downhill racer. “A successful descent is dependent on proper body position and bike setup.” Follow Hippley’s tips, and you’ll not only be more confident on steep drops, but you’ll ride them with control and ease.

    »Learn How to Ride a Steep Roll

  • Photo: Juliana Bikes/Santa Cruz Bikes

    Set Your Shocks

    Have you ever hopped on a mountain bike only to find you didn’t love the ride? The issue may not have been the bike, but that the shocks weren’t set correctly for your weight or the terrain. Properly adjusted shocks smooth out a teeth-chattering trail. With too much or too little pressure in your shocks, the ride can be clunky or unstable.

    »Learn How to Set Your Shocks

  • Photo: Nicolas Teichrob

    Pack for a Trip

    Mechanic Scott Haupert shows you what to pack before you hit the trails on your fat-tire steed.

    » Learn How to Pack for a Trip

  • Photo: Bryce Bradford/Flickr

    Get Into Clipless Pedals (Safely)

    Not many bicyclists will admit it, but just about every one on the road has a story or two about clipless pedals.

    » Learn How to Get Into Clipless Pedals (Safely)

  • Photo: Vaclav Volrab/Shutterstock

    Survive an All-Night Race

    Golden, Colorado-based pro mountain biker Nat Ross has competed solo in at least three dozen twice-around-the-clock events—todays' preeminent endurance sufferfests—most recently winning Utah's 24 Hours of Moab in 2006

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  • Photo: Tom Gowanlock/Shutterstock

    Lube a Chain

    Step-by-step instructions on caring for your chain.

    » Learn How to Lube a Chain

  • Photo: titov dimitriy/Shutterstock

    Tune Your Derailleur

    It looks pretty scary: cables, gears, chains, grease, and springs. Who wants to mess with that? But the majority of shifting issues (jumping chains, rough shifts, clacking) can be fixed fast with zero tools.

    » Learn How to Tune Your Derailleur

  • Photo: The Booklight/Flickr

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    Stop Your Sunglasses from Fogging Up

    I wear sunglasses for mountain biking, both for sun protection and shielding my eyes from flying branches and stuff, even during night riding. The climate here in the Bay Area has my glasses fogging up most of the time.

    »Learn How to Stop Your Sunglasses from Fogging Up