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  • Photo: Mazaev/Flickr

    Use Caffeine on Race Day

    Caffeine has long been recognized as a performance-enhancing drug. It’s been proven to increase endurance, decrease perceived effort, and increase oxygen uptake, all of which adds up to a maximum improvement in time trial performance of about 3.4 percent.

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  • Photo: Dan Snyder

    Dope Legally

    It’s not easy being an amateur doper. Over the last two years, more than 10 non-pro cyclists have been caught taking performance-enhancing drugs. In response, events like the Gran Fondo New York are increasingly testing riders—of all levels—to ensure a level playing field.

    Luckily, you don’t need to cheat your way to success. If training hard just isn't doing it for you, try these five surprisingly effective supplements for a powerful but legal performance boost.

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  • Photo: Haji Mahmood

    Get in Shape to Ride the Rockies

    With a master’s in sports science from the University of Texas at Austin, Derick Williamson trains professional Ironmen, cycling and marathon champions, and dedicated amateurs through Austin’s ­Durata Training.

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  • Photo: Larry Rosa

    Ride the Rockies

    Tour director Chandler Smith offers his tips on how to make the most of the ride.

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  • Photo: Kelvin Trautman

    Fuel for the Long Haul

    Six days and 446 miles on a bike means you’ll burn around 20,000 calories. But don’t fixate on volume alone to replenish that energy. Focus on quality and timing.

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  • Photo: Corepics VOF/Shutterstock

    Find a Training Partner

    The number of exercise-partner websites seems to rival that of dating sites, and visiting one can be just as frustrating. But studies show that exercising socially can help you stick to a fitness plan, so finding a suitable training buddy is worth the effort.

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  • Photo: Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

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    Ride in a Peloton

    Former elite road and velodrome cyclist and now coach for hire David Brinton has taught thousands of newbies and pros how to pedal in a pack.

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