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    The Washington, D.C. advocacy group American Rivers has released its list of the country's most endangered waterways. Can you guess who made the list?

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    10. Niobrara River

    Sediment buildup threatens Nebraska's Wild & Scenic Niobrara River with flooding, putting property, crops, and recreation at risk.
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    9. Kootenai River

    Open-pit coal mining threatens Montana's Kootenai River, polluting the water quality and damaging fish populations.
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    8. Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks

    Nickel mining threatens Oregon's Rough & Ready and Baldface Creeks, putting pristine wilderness and rare plants at risk.
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    7. Black Warrior River

    The Shepherd Bend Coal Mine Site threatens the Black Warrior River in Alabama. Drinking water at Birmingham Intake and the fish and wildlife habitat are all in harm's way.
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    6. Boundary Waters

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    5. Catawba River

    Coal ash pollution threatens the drinking water and recreational enjoyment of the the Catawba River in the Carolinas.
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    4. Little Plover River

    Outdated water management threatens Wisconsin's Little Plover River, putting fish habitat and water supply at risk.
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    3. San Saba River

    The San Saba River in Texas is crippled by outdated water management. River flows for ranchers, citizens, and lakes are all at risk as a result.
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    2. Flint River

    Outdated water management also threatens the Flint River in Georgia. The sustainable water supply for nearby communities is under threat.
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    1. Colorado River

    The mighty Colorado River tops the list. The river is under threat from pollution, depletion, and mismanagement. Now, with 36 million people and 15 percent of U.S. crops relying on its water, the river is at a crossroads.

    Read the full story on America's most endangered rivers.
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