Father Plays Best

They say that becoming a dad means your days of big trips and serious adventure are over. They are so wrong.

May 9, 2011
Outside Magazine
Laird Hamilton introduces is da age one to board sports.

Laird Hamilton introduces is daughter Reece, age one, to board sports.    Photo: Pamela Hanson/Truck Archive

You hear guys say it all the time: "I used to bike/ski/paddle/travel; then I had kids." The notion that becoming a father means giving up sports and adventure may sound reasonable—There's just not enough time!—but it actually removes the factor most likely to spur your children to grow into active, healthy adults: your example. A 2010 study by the nonprofit Outdoor Foundation found that 75 percent of kids aged 6 to 12 who participate in adventure sports are simply copying their parents. Which means your first act as an awesome outside dad is to walk out the front door. Then what? Follow these six steps.

Take Them With You
Think Outside the Sandbox
Hit the Road
Skip the Training Wheels
Outsource Their Training
Set Them Free

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