Moby1 XTR

A towable camper rugged enough for forest roads.

This sturdy trailer will get you to just about any campsite. (Courtesy of

As rugged as a Sportsmobile, the sexy, athletic Moby1 XTR is a handcrafted hook-up-and-go trailer. The 1,500-pound teardrop is big enough to store all of your camping gear, and it’s sturdy enough to get you to just about any campsite. All you have to do is dream up the appropriate adventure.  

The Moby1 XTR has more than five inches of suspension on independent A-arms with adjustable shocks, a multi-axis coupler, and a reinforced frame. Essentially, it’s like a dual-suspension mountain bike with storage that’s ready to tackle rough, steep terrain. Add a rooftop tent, awning, a sink with hot water, propane heat, toilet, solar panels, and a generator, and you might move in permanently.

Starting at $16,500,

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