Nissan Leaf

Jan 24, 2011
Outside Magazine
Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf    Photo: Photo courtesy Nissan

THE SELL: A zero-emissions car for the masses.
THE TEST: After an eight-hour charge (in a 220-volt plug), the four-door hatchback can travel 100 miles in eerie silence. But since it lacks a gas-engine backup, like the Volt's, once you're out of power you're hosed. In the hill country outside Nashville, the Leaf reached a top speed of 90 mph, though the car is all about efficiency—skinny tires, stripped-down interior, and basic suspension—so it didn't win any awards for performance.
THE VERDICT: If you don't leave town, the Leaf is a green dream. Heading to Grandma's for the weekend? You'll need another car. $32,780 (mid-$20s with tax credits); 99 mpg equivalent;

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