Get Amped

Jan 18, 2011
Outside Magazine
Queensland, New Zealand, bungee jumping

When in Queenstown...    Photo: Photo by Graeme Murray

If an entire city could suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome, Queenstown might be the place. The "Adventure Capital of the World," situated between Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables, likely has the most thrill seekers per capita on the planet. AJ Hackett set up his first bungee jump here back in 1986. Today you can leap and boing-boing with his company at three Queenstown venues or pick from an ever-expanding list of outfits promising full-throttle fun rides: jet-boating through a river canyon, river surfing, canyon swinging (what it sounds like), canyoneering, or riding shotgun in a stunt plane (visit for most of these activities). Meanwhile, Queenstown has been Aspenized with a proliferation of world-class dining and five-star hotels. Why not mix and match? The Spire, a sleek ten-room downtown boutique hotel, offers a four-day Extreme Adrenalin Package that includes jet-boating, paragliding, bungee jumping, and a 15,000-foot skydive (doubles, $3,750;

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