The Plan

A six-month program to prepare you for the 24 Hours of Moab.

Apr 26, 2010
Outside Magazine
Training Plan

For a larger view of this training plan, see the pdf

Frank Overton is a former semi-pro mountain biker and owner of Boulder, Colorado–based FasCat Coaching. To the right, you'll find his six-month, desk-job-friendly plan, designed to have you peaking for the race on October 9. The key: total weekly hours on the bike. If you need some day-to-day flexibility, try to make up for it to hit your weekly goal—usually about eight hours. To time this plan for the 24 Hours of Moab, start on April 27.

Easy (green): Pick a steady, conversational, "all day" pace and aim for a heart rate in the mid-130s.

Moderate (yellow): Ride at 80 percent of race pace, with heart rate in the 160s. It should feel like you're working, not suffering.

Hard (orange): Ride at 90–95 percent of race pace (your heart rate in the high 160s or 170s). Join a fast group ride or an XC race. Rip it up.

Fitness Test Warm up for 30–40 minutes. Pick a destination and ride as fast as you can toward it for 20 minutes. Remember how far you got. Cool down for ten minutes. Near the end of your training, do it again and compare your results.

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