The Ride Stuff

The last thing you want is to hike the course. Get dialed with the right gear and practice with it before race day.

Apr 26, 2010
Outside Magazine
Light & Motion

Top: Light & Motion 700; bottom: Light & Motion Stella 150 L

TIRES: We hope you're already running tubeless wheels, which eliminate pinch flats. If not, get some tubeless rims, then wrap them with a pair of Hutchinson Toros ($60 each;, which have reinforced sidewalls that resist cuts and a slightly raised tread pattern that's ideal for Moab. Inflate them for the first time with the company's Fast'Air ($14), which has a latex mixture that will plug any punctures.

LIGHTS: The low angle of Light & Motion's handlebar-mounted 700 ($550; will cast shadows to give you contrast and depth, while their Stella 150 L ($230) on your helmet will let you look through turns and past obstacles. The batteries have enough juice for two nighttime laps on the high setting (think car-headlight bright).

HYDRATION PACK: You'll be out for no more than two hours at a time, so a smaller pack, like CamelBak's Octane XCT ($70;, is ideal.

REPAIR KIT: Bontrager's Rollbar 18 ($50; has everything you need for simple trailside fixes (hex wrenches, brake-pad spreader, chain tool), but not blown tires; for that, you'll want their Air Pack flat-repair kit ($40), which includes CO2 cartridges, inflator, tire levers, and patch kit in a padded pouch.