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From veteran rider Nat Ross, who has won the 24 Hours of Moab as both a solo and team rider.

Apr 26, 2010
Outside Magazine
A break down of the Moab course

A break down of the Moab course. For a larger view, see the pdf   

MILE 0: Riders on the first lap begin by running to their bikes in one big group (Le Mans style). Have a teammate standing with your bike so you can find it easily after the run.

MILE 0.2: There's a big dip that goes into a sand pit. This section is rideable, but it's easy to go over your bars. (The first lap starts on a dirt road that skips this.)

MILE 1.5: A big off-camber rock that comes out of nowhere. It's easily negotiated, but you've got to be in the right gear (a low one) or you're going to stall and end up having to walk it.

MILE 1.7: This is the approximate start of the course's longest climb. It's steep and rocky, but it's doable. In the first-lap mayhem, though, you will be walking unless you're at the front. So will everyone else. Just laugh.

MILE 2: You're still climbing, but it's not nearly as technical. Mostly rolling, middle-chainring terrain.

MILE 3.2: As soon as you crest the climb, you head down a twisting chute filled with deep sand. Don't fight it. Try to get all your weight onto your back tire, let your bars kind of go where they want to, and keep pedaling.

MILE 5.5: This is a ravine called Nose Dive. Walk it. Some people try to ride down it, but there's no reason to. You have to walk your bike back out the other side regardless, and trying to ride into it is a good way to crash.

MILE 6: Drink and eat. You're entering about four miles of mostly easy single- and doubletrack. Use this time to hydrate and find a rhythm.

MILE 10.3: Another sandy ravine. This one is called the Ledge. There's a trail off to the left that's completely rideable; it's not even difficult. There are two lines for riding back out, one left and one right. If you find yourself in the middle, walk.

MILE 11: It's around here that the trail starts going over a long section of Moab's famous slickrock. Enjoy it, and remember to drink again.

MILE 12.5: There's a tricky little left-hand turn here, just after a climb. Be ready or you'll end up having to put a foot down.

MILE 13: You're in the middle of a fast two-mile descent here. It looks like it will last all the way back to camp. It won't. Save something.

MILE 14.4: After crossing a dry creek bed, you'll turn left for the half-mile-plus climb and quick descent back to camp.

MILE 14.9: You're not quite done. Make sure you ride into the scorer's tent to have your lap recorded and pass the baton to your teammate.

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