Hampsten Tournesol Audax

Touring: Rando King; From $4,000.

Hampsten Tournesol Audax

Hampsten Tournesol Audax    Photo: Photograph by Inga Hendrickson

Editors' Pick
Designed for randonneuring (i.e., fast-and-light day touring), our Audax was hailed for its amazingly supple ride, the superior modulation of its Paul Racer brakes, and a geometry ideal for clocking dawn-to-dusk mileage in comfort. Think of it as the offspring of a thoroughbred race rig and a classic touring bike. Falling into a rhythm on interminable climbs was effortless, and the light lugged steel and plumper 28mm tires seriously softened the jolts of rapid fire-road descents. Unfamiliar with the brand? That would be Andy Hampsten, the only American ever to win (gloriously, over a snowy mountain pass) the Giro d'Italia. hampsten.com

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