Body Storm

Kona, Hawaii; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Montezuma, Costa Rica

Apr 9, 2008
Outside Magazine
Body Storm in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

BONUS POINTS: Get your body in shape in beautiful surroundings like these    Photo: courtesy, Mexico Tourism

Best For: Lovers of sand, surf, and sweat
Body Storm, a cooperative of Whistler, B.C.–based trainers, hosts one- and two-week beachfront fitness intensives in Hawaii, Mexico, and Costa Rica each spring and fall. Clients, who range from pro mountain bikers to soccer moms, never know what they're in for. The morning might begin with core-focused weight training or a hike on the beach, then progress into Pilates or vinyasa yoga, with activities like surfing, snorkeling, or river tubing in between. From $1,500 per week, all-inclusive;

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