Mountain Athlete

Jackson, Wyoming

Apr 9, 2008
Outside Magazine
Mountaineering in Jackson, Wyoming

Work on your climbing skills in Jackson    Photo: courtesy, NPS/Sarah Zenner

Best For: Guys who work out in Carhartts
"The best mountaineers have great sport-specific strength," says conditioning coach Rob Shaul, "but they lift like little girls." Shaul, 39, hopes to help them overcome that at Mountain Athlete Gym, an unorthodox fitness center he opened last year. Jackson Hole Mountain Guide pros like Stephen Koch have become regulars at the gym, where Shaul makes climbers go on mile-long runs while dragging 135-pound tractor-trailer tires. "We make climbers feel more bulletproof," says Shaul, a certified trainer with Cross Fit, a conditioning program used by military special-ops. The Rambo treatment works: Some clients have begun climbing a full grade higher than their previous bests. $25 per day; Recover in the rooftop hot tub at Hotel Terra, Teton Village's new LEED–certified eco-resort. Doubles from $200;