My Company: Geoff and Marcy Larson

Founders, Alaskan Brewing Company, #17

Apr 19, 2010
Outside Magazine

GEOFF: We met in our twenties, while working in Glacier National Park, in Montana. I was a short-order cook and Marcy was a night auditor. We became hiking buddies.
MARCY: Summer-season jobs—"seasonal bums" is what I think they call that.
GEOFF: Marcy got a job in Alaska, at Glacier Bay, and we both ended up moving to Juneau. I worked at a gold mine, then it closed. In the back of our minds, there'd been this idea to start a brewery.
MARCY: I wanted to be a bush pilot. That was my original goal, and I got my pilot's license. But we wanted to work together.
GEOFF: And we both love beer. We figured we could travel all over Alaska. Load up the plane and make deliveries.
MARCY: Our ethic was "Work hard, play hard." We'd worked for people who got it and people who didn't. As managers, we always try to remember that. If we're imposing something, how is it going to affect everybody? I think our crew really appreciates that. It's more of a family here than an employee-employer relationship.