Nine all-stars tell it like it is

Sep 27, 2007
Outside Magazine
Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong
Seven-time Tour de France champion
Outside has been covering me for 16 years, almost half my life. There was that "Lance Who?" thing on your Floyd Landis cover. Earlier, you called me "the greatest athlete in the world." Then it's like "Lance Who?" But, hey, you're the ones who called it.

I get so frustrated. Nobody stands up and says, Wait a minute, these guys are killing themselves to right the ship. The sport is trying really hard. And at the end of the day, the Tour's still a huge event, and I'm confident that those guys will get it sorted out.

Team Discovery director Johan Bruyneel is a genius. I think many people said, Eh, you've got Lance. So to see him put together a team of guys this year that nobody really expected to win, and put two guys on the podium, is pretty special.

I'm still mad about Kelly Slater winning that eighth championship. I text him all the time and tell him that I'm coming back to win an eighth.


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