Review: Olympus's Stylus Tough-8010

Jul 28, 2010
Outside Magazine
Olympus Stylu Tough-8010

   Photo: Photo by Inga Hendrickson

Pocket cameras don't get any more rugged than this: Olympus's Stylus Tough-8010 shoots to a depth of 33 feet, shrugs off six-foot drops, and (as the only crush-rated camera here) can handle a 220-pound squashing. With its 5x optical zoom and image stabilization, it was the best shooter for action sports, and the dedicated video button (also on the Panasonic and Fujifilm) meant no fumbling through menus to hit record. It's a little heavier and less intuitive than others, but when push comes to smash, that's a small tradeoff. 14mp; 7.6 oz; $400;