Chole Mjini Lodge

Chole Mjini, Tanzania

Oct 26, 2006
Outside Magazine
Chole Mjini Lodge

In the Trees: Chole Mjini Lodge

CHOLE MJINI LODGE // Chole Mjini, Tanzania
Though the neighboring fruit bats prefer to hang upside down, you'll be right side up in one of seven baobab tree houses at Chole Mjini Lodge, on Chole Mjini, a tiny mango-tree-rimmed islet off East Africa's Swahili Coast. Getting to this former trading post of the Shirazi dynasty is half the adventure: Touch down on Mafia Island's airstrip, Land Rover it on dirt roads, sail a dhow across the bay, and walk the last stretch to the hidden glade.
ROOM & BOARD: Lanterns light these treetop homes where mosquito nets hang over four-poster beds and a cup of steaming chai awaits you each morning. Join owners Anne and Jean de Villiers for cocktail hour on their roof deck and challenge another guest to a game of chess. Later, savor charcoal-fired octopus, lime-infused snapper ceviche, and sliced papaya for dessert.
OUT THE BACK DOOR: After hiking the cashew-tree-lined paths of the Popo bat reserve, scuba-dive with Jean to his secret stashes and see blue starfish and eel.
DETAILS: From $140 per person; 011-44-1306-880-770,