Are You Ready? (cont.)

Smart Bombing

THE FUTURE Forgetfulness could become a thing of the past. Pharmaceutical giant Merck is testing SIB-1553A, an experimental drug designed to combat mental decline in the elderly. Aging primates with memory and attention deficits have demonstrated significantly improved mental acuity after taking it.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU Heightened mental awareness will help you plot a smart whitewater route on the fly or pick a safer path through hairy singletrack. Ian Adamson, 39, captain of the Nike ACG-Balance Bar adventure-racing team, says, "This could make sports safer. People would be more aware of dangerous situations—one's mental abilities drop noticeably after 24 hours of continuous racing." UNTIL THEN The best current strategy for a mental edge is simple: regular rest and a good diet. "Keep the body healthy and your mind follows," says Michael Tobin, 40, whose team won last year's Subaru Primal Quest adventure race.

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