May 14, 2009
Outside Magazine
Rock climbing gear


1. METOLIUS BIG WALL PANTS The cotton-canvas Big Walls are practically indestructible. $65;

2. METOLIUS IRON HAND GLOVES Quash rope burn—but not dexterity—with these fingertip-less, leather-palm belay gloves. $29

3. MAMMUT SMART BELAY DEVICE The Smart combines the foolproof security of an auto-locker—it spontaneously blocks rope under load—with the simplicity and light weight of a manual device. $30;

4. FIVE TEN PRISM This shoe's toe box is sculpted in five flat facets for total contact on eyelash-thin outcroppings. $145;

5. PETZL ALTIOS HELMET With its nine vents and wicking mesh-panel interior, the Altios kept us cool. $80;

6. BLACK DIAMOND OZONE HARNESS So precisely sculpted it feels like wearing almost nothing. $100;

7. MILLET SILVER TRIAXIALE ROPE Three distinct cores + waterproofing of each nylon strand = an exceptionally durable rope. 60m, $260;

8. EVOLV OPTIMUS PRIME The deep heel cup on these Chris Sharma–designed slippers stabilizes your foot for maximum power. $125;

9. CAMP M3 EVO PACK This sturdy 1,800-cubic-inch pack has a mesh helmet holster, crampon pouch, and daisy chain for clipping extra gear. $140;