2. Find the Next Narrows

Zion National Park, Utah.

Apr 8, 2011
Outside Magazine
Zion National Park

Parunuweap Canyon, Utah    Photo: Courtesy of Sol Fitness Adventures

Chances are you know someone who has hiked the Narrows, Zion's iconic 16-mile slot canyon. But you've probably never heard of Parunuweap Canyon. It's time to acquaint yourself. "Parunuweap is the Zion Narrows' little brother," says Melanie Webb, owner of California-based Sol Fitness Adventures. "Except that it's empty." That's probably because of the three-hour drive on dirt roads to the hike's kick-off point, at the East Fork of the Virgin River. Sol's five-day canyoneering trip guides eight guests through the 20-mile slot, located in a wilderness study area on Zion's eastern boundary. Sol provides the guide and food but little else: prepare to cook your own meals. It's worth it to be alone in a 2,700-foot-deep canyon that's ten feet wide in places. $4,500; June to September; soladventure.com

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