Dec 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Wave Riding Vehicles Original Fish Surf Board, Chrome's Ivan Bag, Timex's Expedition E-Tide and Temp Watch, and Patagonia's Minimalist Board Shorts

a) Where California surfers go, others are sure to follow. So the rest of the country will soon be snatching up Wave Riding Vehicles' Original Fish, an updated spin on a classic design. The Fish excels on small-to-medium waves, and since the board is easier to surf than modern potato-chip-thin shapes, everyone wins. $550; b) Chrome's Ivan combines dunk-worthy construction—a waterproof liner and roll-top closure—with a design that finally elevates the drybag above rubber-sack style. $155; c) There are tide watches, and then there's Timex's Expedition E-Tide & Temp, which looks classy enough to wear with a dress suit as well as a wetsuit. Its fourth watch hand points to the next high tide, plus air and water temps, at the touch of a button. $120; d) Old-school style meets new-school fabric in Patagonia's Minimalist Board Shorts , made with soft, durable recycled polyester. $55;