Dec 1, 2005
Outside Magazine
Nordica's Hot Rod Top Fuel XBS Piston Controls Ski, K2's 6 Speeds and 6 Karat Poles, Giro's Streif Ski-Racing Helmet, Indigo's Snow Logic Shovel, and Brunton's Wind River Range

a) All-mountain skis always claim to do everything, but Nordica's Hot Rod Top Fuel XBS Piston Controls back it up with powder-perfect width, titanium-reinforced sidewalls for carving, and a binding system that keeps you balanced when the terrain gets out of control. $1,195, including bindings; b) Chrome trim and leather grips make K2's 6 Speeds the sweetest-looking poles on the slopes. For her, get the 6 Karats, with faux-gem-topped handles for lift-line bling. $125; c) If you aspire to ski like a downhiller, get a brain bucket to match. Thanks to its wind-tunnel-tested design and input by pro skier Daron Rahlves, Giro's carbon-fiber-and-Kevlar Streif Ski-Racing Helmet will make you safer and faster. $150; d) A central rib makes the polycarbonate blade on Indigo's Snow Logic as stiff as metal. The slick integrated handle delivers a trim package and a quick setup when you need a shovel most—whether you're digging out an avalanche or building a kicker. $40; e) From tailgate to Timbuktu, Brunton's Wind River Range guarantees a hot brew in seconds. The aluminum-and-stainless stove cranks out 30,000 BTU under any conditions, and ceramic-coated burner heads offer flame control as precise as on your home range. $429;